if you:

are obsessed with the written word

love collecting pens, notebooks and awesome stationary

feel compelled to spread hope and love to others….THEN…

you must visit this website! I sort of stumbled on this website. And it pierced my soul.  I feel like so much connection has been lost in this age of technology, that this movement of leaving love letters for strangers to find, connects humanity in a way I think God intended! It is sad to me, to see people, families sitting at the same table and they are all on their phones…and I’m quite ashamed to say I have fallen to the addiction of Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and the like…But I will attempt to connect…with everyone I meet, or don’t, and I am starting with leaving love letters…my first was a couple of weeks ago, I left in the New Orleans airport in what of the news shops! I will leave my second one tomorrow…in the Baton Rouge airport!!!!

I invite you to join this wonderful movement!