The Traveling Gnome

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It is Monday and I am sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to DC…yes the area that just had a blizzard! The government doesn’t have to work today, but I do. I’m very nervous about driving on icey roads, the last time I drove in snow was…hmmm… In Virginia, fancy that. That was 10″ of snow and my fist time really driving in it. There was the 1 hour getting out f the parking lot, turn onto a road where, if there had been any, cars would have been coming towards me. A 1/2 hour trip taking 2…not my idea of a good time.

I find myself again having to be brave. The concept of bravery is a little humorous to me. It is all about conquering your fear…right now! I find when bravery is required I usually have no time to decided if I want to be brave or not. I have to be, or I go nowhere…and I am blessed (sarcasm) with the type of personality that likes to do, to not give up. Of course any bravery I lay claim to, is only bestowed upon me by God. It is easy to hide, to turn around, to resign yourself to the fact that some dreams will always remain so. The degree of difficulty in pushing past what sometimes is crippling is monumental. But like I said, it is God that says, “There is nothing you can’t accomplish. There is no enemy that can triumph over you!” Now who wouldn’t feel brave with the Creator of the universe in you corner like that?


The Cozy Heart

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So I have decided that this is the year to start acting on my dreams! Selling my crocheted items, writing more on my blog, and actually doing work on writing a novel! Big goals, but this needs to happen.

So focused on the “What if…,” that I bypass the what now! So I am working on publishing my Etsy shop, called “The Cozy Heart,” where all my crocheted items in stock can be purchased and any custom orders are accepted as well.

The goals:

  1. Open the Etsy Shop
  2. Write a least 1 blog/week or 2 weeks
  3. Write my novel-I would really like to finish one

So we will see what happens. I will keep this blog updated…as I am sure not many folks are reading this…yet!