If you are looking for Wonderland…

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You will probably go mad!

We are bombarded with glimpses of Wonderland in varying shades of gray, and happily-ever-afters that end with a long, passionate kiss to a ridiculous crescendo of music. And we spend our adult lives searching for this.

This obsession with the fairyland, this unreal place-where this one person can make all your dreams come true- is always encouraged by those well-meaning individuals who ask us, “Are you seeing anyone?” “When are you getting married?”

I want to know why these questions aren’t being asked:

-Do you know who you are?

-What do you think you’re purpose is?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we encouraged single individuals to focus on who they are AS INDIVIDUALS, instead of pushing them to find some cheshire smiling illusion of prince charming/cinderella?

If I could tell all the individuals who are single( and I’m seriously going to find a new word for that. Because the connotation is that of lack or something missing) any one thing it would be this:

Discover who the Creator designed you to be. Chase after that purpose, and when the time comes for you to be a pair, you will go into it full up and ready to give to your spouse, instead of holding your hands out full of unrealistic expectations that will only deliver disappointment.

I see so many people proclaim, if it does not happen by the time I am 30, then that’s it! I ask, “what is it?” how did we get to the point that being single in our late 20s and into our 30s, is the worst thing that could possibly happen?

Why aren’t we encouraging these amazing souls to pursue dreams, to give to others, to become the most whole being they can be?

Imagine what relationships and marriages would look like, if those who entered them were already filled to overflowing with the purpose of God, peace, confidence and joy and just waiting to pour that out onto their spouse?

I think we’d might see a lot less of divorce.


The Traveling Gnome

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It is Monday and I am sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to DC…yes the area that just had a blizzard! The government doesn’t have to work today, but I do. I’m very nervous about driving on icey roads, the last time I drove in snow was…hmmm… In Virginia, fancy that. That was 10″ of snow and my fist time really driving in it. There was the 1 hour getting out f the parking lot, turn onto a road where, if there had been any, cars would have been coming towards me. A 1/2 hour trip taking 2…not my idea of a good time.

I find myself again having to be brave. The concept of bravery is a little humorous to me. It is all about conquering your fear…right now! I find when bravery is required I usually have no time to decided if I want to be brave or not. I have to be, or I go nowhere…and I am blessed (sarcasm) with the type of personality that likes to do, to not give up. Of course any bravery I lay claim to, is only bestowed upon me by God. It is easy to hide, to turn around, to resign yourself to the fact that some dreams will always remain so. The degree of difficulty in pushing past what sometimes is crippling is monumental. But like I said, it is God that says, “There is nothing you can’t accomplish. There is no enemy that can triumph over you!” Now who wouldn’t feel brave with the Creator of the universe in you corner like that?

The Cozy Heart

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So I have decided that this is the year to start acting on my dreams! Selling my crocheted items, writing more on my blog, and actually doing work on writing a novel! Big goals, but this needs to happen.

So focused on the “What if…,” that I bypass the what now! So I am working on publishing my Etsy shop, called “The Cozy Heart,” where all my crocheted items in stock can be purchased and any custom orders are accepted as well.

The goals:

  1. Open the Etsy Shop
  2. Write a least 1 blog/week or 2 weeks
  3. Write my novel-I would really like to finish one

So we will see what happens. I will keep this blog updated…as I am sure not many folks are reading this…yet!

Luca & Noah’s First Day Home

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It is such a faith building thing to see these miracles! So blessed to watch the promise of God unfold and flourish for Renae and Josh Thompson!!!!

The Thompson Triplets

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Planes, Trains & Automobiles

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I’ve been on every single one of these in all my travels. I know what you must be thinking; how lucky is she to travel so much, travel for a living. Well, as exciting as Oklahoma and Texas may be, traveling for work is not as glamorous as it sounds. I spend more time in airports, hotel rooms and tables-for-one, than any exciting, happening tourist areas. I won’t be the first to tell you that Lawton, OK, doesn’t offer much. I’ve considered writing a travel blog that reviews all the places I stay and the rental cars I drive. These reviews would be different as there will be not one place that is tropical, big city-bright light, and cool. You’re welcome

I flew into Spokane, Washington awhile back and had to make a long drive into a place called MOscow, ID. I’d never been to Washington State or Idaho, so I was a little excited to see the lay of the land. Upon arrival I saw nothing! Since it was near midnight and that part of the country apparently doesn’t believe in street lights.

I wrote this in a face book post:

The Cons of Driving in UNfamiliar Territory past Midnight:

1) It’s unfamiliar

2)It’s dark…as in pitch…as in brights for 85 miles

3) b/c of aformentioned darkness, your imagination has named this, “The Place Where People Disappear”

4)by the time you see something that sort of, kind of, maybe resembles a town, you’re automatically thinking, “The HIlls Have Eyes”

5)when finally your destination is reached, which happens to be a precious little town, you are deliriously tired and stay up an extra 10 minutes to a write a FB post -You’re Welcome
I experience a great many things while traveling to exotic locals like Jonesboro, AR…Like right this minute my flight has been delayed for 40 minutes because Atlanta…where my layover is…has inclement weather.

Inclement, a great word for inconvenience. It occured to me yesterday that even though Today makes 8 months married, I still sleep by myself. It was a little depressing to think of it and I’m really looking forward to not traveling for a bit after this week. a 2 week repreive is heavenly!!!!!
Anyway, that’s enough of rambling


The Traveling Gnome

A Traveler’s Musings

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I have discovered a love/hate relationship with tiny airports. And by tiny I will reference MAF (Midland-Odessa, TX). It only has 5 gates.
The reasons for the Love-not listed by order of importance
1) It is not a dire necessity to arrive 2 hours before your flight departure because from the entrance to departure gate, only 5 to 8 minutes is needed. Yes even with security, most times. There is no requirement for attempting to break land speed records to get to your departure gate (An impossibility, for me, being on the butterball-ish side of the weight scale)
2) As mentioned mere seconds ago, security is a pretty seamless event, most times (this will be qualified later on)
3) The tiny airport is not teeming with wildlife…I mean people…so finding that ideal spot to plug in my 600 electronics and have nice sunlight with which to read by is not a study in pointlessness.
4) (The following only applies if you are travelling on a Friday, getting home after 3pm and it is September 13, 2013…IT’S THE 13th?!?!?!?!) The gate agent approaches you and offers you the following: Bumped to next flight out for $400 flight and a meal voucher with only a 2 hour delay in arriving home…oh and 1,000 miles added to your account. To which I reply, “I WILL TAKE IT!!!!!”

The reasons for the Hate-not listed in order of importance, but in direct opposition the list above
1) There is absolutely nothing of interest to entertain you as you wait 2 ½ hours for your flight. MAF-one cafeteria, eatery-ish and one store, which if you are not a Texan Longhorn fan will present little interest to you
2) This could be number 1b, but for the sake of OCD, I’m trying to match the lists. As I mentioned earlier, there really is no need to arrive 2 hours early for tiny airports. Even if you are gassing up/dropping off a rental, and have to go through security (Tiny airport=1 hour to 1 ½-max). This being said, I have a pet peeve for being anywhere late and then subsequently having to rush. This pet peeve coupled with the irrational, quease-inducing fear of missing flights, always…ALWAYS…compels me to arrive at the airport 2 ½ hours earlier than I need to. So I wait and wait and wait with absolutely nothing to do but search and search for that ideal spot (found in 1 minute), plug in my 600 electronics and read.
3) This could be 1b, but I’ve already told you what’s doing with lists! There are times (apart from the “most times” that the tiny airport is holding more bodies than you could ever imagine- a confounding mystery- and you are now relegated to one of these two spots-the floor or between 2 individuals that inexplicably need the entire row of seats. SIDE NOTE: I am a bit people claustrophobic, so it’s always the floor for me in this situation. Currently not so bad as I am only 32 and getting up and down is not so difficult, but still not as easy as it was when I was 22. One last thing. Since this time the tiny airport is teeming with wildlife…I mean people…the security becomes such an event, you think you are in the Immigrations line at Heathrow airport in London…England (a 2 hour line…maybe more).
4) There really isn’t a number four, but…yeah…However; number one does bear repeating I think, and maybe some expansion. Nothing to do but read, and while I LOVE to read and can happily spend hours and hours doing so, sometimes I get restless waiting in an airport and need something else-for diversification purposes-to occupy myself. Options are detrimentally sparse at MAF (BTR, and the airport in Killen, TX). So I decide to busy myself and bore the 2 people who read these work Facebook posts with this musing-turned diatribe-ish ode of sorts.
You are welcome!

I Believe in Christ, like I Believe in the Sun…

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not because I can see it, but by it I can see everything else. —C.S. Lewis

So many people try to define God by bestowing upon Him qualities we find in humans. What we do not understand is that God is INFINITE and can NEVER be defined with finite characteristics. Some say He is loving, but what is “loving” to us. More times than not, our definition has conditions set in stone, that cannot be moved or that we will not move. And when we gaze upon the visage of God, we see Him in the same way we see others and how we imagine others see us. I’ve heard His love compared to a mother’s love for her children, but I’ve heard stories, as I’m sure you all have, of mother’s who should not be mothers, so even though it’s close, this comparison misses the mark.

When I think of God’s love for His children, I just think on His actions. We all have heard, “actions speak louder than words,” and even though it comes off as cliché, it is so because it is TRUE. God sent His son, sacrificed His only Son so that we could be redeemed. He has given us FREE WILL. Do you know what that means?

We so readily and easily blame God for all the bad in the world, and when we do we are essentially telling God, take away everyone’s free will, make us puppets and do not allow us to choose our path (be it right or wrong). I am in no way diminishing the horror that is in the world. It is tragic, and more tragic that this begins with trying to control our life apart from the Being who created that very life.

What we fail to realize is Jesus redeemed us from the bad choices we made, are making and will make, all we have to do is believe. Just believe.

I read this quote: “Even after all this time The Sun never says to the Earth, ‘You owe me.’ Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky.” -Hafiz

Our misstep is when we think we owe God for what He’s done. What we need to realize is that when we TRULY understand God’s grace and love towards us, it’s not a matter of owing God, but simply a matter of being so filled up to overflowing with His love that it spills out of us and is reflected and bounced off of every single person and thing we touch!

“God is not a man that He should lie, nor a son of man, that He should change His mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does He promise and not fulfill?” (Numbers 23:19)

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