I’ve been on every single one of these in all my travels. I know what you must be thinking; how lucky is she to travel so much, travel for a living. Well, as exciting as Oklahoma and Texas may be, traveling for work is not as glamorous as it sounds. I spend more time in airports, hotel rooms and tables-for-one, than any exciting, happening tourist areas. I won’t be the first to tell you that Lawton, OK, doesn’t offer much. I’ve considered writing a travel blog that reviews all the places I stay and the rental cars I drive. These reviews would be different as there will be not one place that is tropical, big city-bright light, and cool. You’re welcome

I flew into Spokane, Washington awhile back and had to make a long drive into a place called MOscow, ID. I’d never been to Washington State or Idaho, so I was a little excited to see the lay of the land. Upon arrival I saw nothing! Since it was near midnight and that part of the country apparently doesn’t believe in street lights.

I wrote this in a face book post:

The Cons of Driving in UNfamiliar Territory past Midnight:

1) It’s unfamiliar

2)It’s dark…as in pitch…as in brights for 85 miles

3) b/c of aformentioned darkness, your imagination has named this, “The Place Where People Disappear”

4)by the time you see something that sort of, kind of, maybe resembles a town, you’re automatically thinking, “The HIlls Have Eyes”

5)when finally your destination is reached, which happens to be a precious little town, you are deliriously tired and stay up an extra 10 minutes to a write a FB post -You’re Welcome
I experience a great many things while traveling to exotic locals like Jonesboro, AR…Like right this minute my flight has been delayed for 40 minutes because Atlanta…where my layover is…has inclement weather.

Inclement, a great word for inconvenience. It occured to me yesterday that even though Today makes 8 months married, I still sleep by myself. It was a little depressing to think of it and I’m really looking forward to not traveling for a bit after this week. a 2 week repreive is heavenly!!!!!
Anyway, that’s enough of rambling


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